Why Choose Compass?

why-choose-compass-inner-newCompass Behavioral Health offers comprehensive and accessible outpatient DBT treatment for children, teens and young adults in Orange County, CA. Based on DBT, which is the Gold Standard of Care for teens and young adults with emotional and behavioral dysregulation, our dynamic individual and group offerings will help you and your child get back to the business of being a family. From our drop-in Mindfulness classes, to our individualized skills coaching, to our Family Connections class, to the dynamic individual and group therapy we provide; the Compass approach to wellness can help your family recover and thrive.

Strictly modeled and managed by Linehans DBT Research Manualized Protocol developed at University of Washingtons Behavioral Therapy Research Clinic, Compass Behavioral Health provides the most comprehensive care and scientifically sounds interventions available to families with children who have mood and behavioral challenges.

  • Research. We provide research-informed and proven-to-work clinical interventions that are adherent to the latest protocol of care for teens and young adults with emotional dysregulation. Compass is a Duke University Performance Site and is engaged in ongoing research studying the effective treatment of pervasive emotion dysregulation and identity dysregulation in teens and young adults.
  • Cost Control. We partner with most insurance companies and will seek to obtain authorizations that minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Quality Assurance. Compass therapy sessions are recorded and intermittently reviewed for accuracy and adherence to the DBT model of care by our team of expert consultants team of expert consultants from Duke University and Vanderbilt University in order to insure the best outcomes possible. Compass is one of the only programs in Orange County with a DBT-Linehan Certified Team Leader
  • Success. We practice an adherent model of DBT which is the Gold Standard of care for clients who have BPD or BPD traits. In addition, because we maintain a relentless standard of on-going improvement of our work through extensive research and tracking of our clinics treatment outcomes, our clients are less likely to get stuck in therapy.
  • Education.We maintain an active staff of multi-disciplinary, culturally competent clinicians committed to leading-edge clinical training and on-going research. Compass is a continuing education provider and provides trainings and seminars on evidenced-based treatments for community mental health professionals.
  • Comprehensive. We provide wraparound, whole-family care which includes our free Family Connections class, individual, group and family therapy and drop-in mindfulness practice sessions, multi-family group, and one-on-one skills coaching