Why Choose Compass?


Compass, A Program with a Purpose

Marsha Linehan, the treatment developer of DBT, was recently recognized by Time magazine as one of the most important scientists of our time in “Great Scientists: The Geniuses and Visionaries Who Transformed Our World," published July 20th, 2018. Dr. Linehan created the most effective treatment to date for pervasive emotion dysregulation, and symptoms of chronic suicidality and self-harm.  Her approach was revolutionary - pulling from her study as a Zen student, compassionate - weaving in from her own experience a a psychiatric patient, and ultimately effective - with 42 randomized controlled studies replicated around the word.

Compass Mission Statement

Increase access to affordable certified orange county DBT services for youth ages 12-24.

  • Compass partners with all insurance companies to pursue single case agreements to help families utilize their health insurance benefits to cover the cost of treatment.
  • Each family is assigned a knowledgeable Financial Account Manager who works closely with them to best utilize their health insurance benefits.

Build community among our team and families to support stronger treatment outcomes.

  • Compass is a principle-driven program. All Compass staff practice the very skills we teach; from our weekly staff mindfulness practice, to family meals, playing and working out together - we live in community.
  • We strive to build community among our families through programs like Family Connections, Multi-Family Skills Training Groups, and Compass community sponsored events such as Walk Out Of Darkness suicide prevention fundraising, and Compass talent shows.

Value a multi-disciplinary, culturally-competent team committed to providing expert, up-to-date clinical training and engaging in ongoing research.

  • Compass embodies these principles through ongoing research as a Duke University Performance site - tracking treatment outcomes and continuing to develop evidenced-based treatments for teens with pervasive emotion and identity dysregulation.
  • Compass' Training Institute ensures that all Compass Clinical Staff are trained to the highest caliber in evidenced-based treatments.
  • Compass' hiring standards require diversity of disciplines/training (i.e., social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists), demonstrating a value of dialectical team orientation.
  • As a continuing education provider, Compass requires all Compass Training Institute courses to integrate a multi-cultural framework.

Clinical excellence, quality assurance, and accountability to our families for measurable treatment outcomes.

  • Compass' Team Leader is a DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™ and a calibrated DBT Adherence Coder through the University of Washington, coding videos for DBT adherence for the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification™. In Compass' commitment to excellence and quality assurance, a percentage of all Compass sessions are randomly selected and coded for adherence.
  • Compass' treatment outcomes are measured through a standardized battery of tests administered every 6 months, a summary of treatment outcomes can be provided for families quarterly and therapy contracts are updated every 6 months as a way to increase commitment and track progress. Compass is conducting a longitudinal study of it's program treatment gains post discharge as the ultimate source of accountability to our families.
  • Compass is the only DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Program™, in Southern California. This was a rigorous process that entailed the Linehan Board of Certification interviewing our families to assess their knowledge of DBT skills, coding our sessions, groups, and consultation team meetings for adherence to the research protocol. All Compass Clinicians are required to complete certification as demonstration of competency in the delivery of DBT treatment.

Dissemination of Evidenced-Based Treatments to the larger Orange County Community 

  • Compass is a required UCI Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship 1 year rotation in DBT . This training will help psychiatrists advocate for and integrate skills use in their medication management practice so that all forms of treatment can be more integrated and work together.
  • Compass Training Institute offers evidenced-based trainings to the larger Orange County community of mental health professionals. The Institute is led by Dr. Clive Robins, DBT-Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™, and former Director of Duke University’s DBT Fellowship Training, Professor Emeritus, Duke University Department of Psychiatry.
  • Compass is slated to be a Columbia University practicum training site for Columbia's DBT Intensive Track in the School of Social Work, holding to a core mission of training the next generation of mental health providers in research-proven treatments.