Advanced DBT & Peer Facilitated Skills Coaching


Advanced DBT is a DBT Skills group tailored for graduates of standard DBT Skills Training Group that would like to further develop their DBT Skills.

The purpose of Advanced DBT Skills Group is: to develop a deeper understanding and mastery of DBT skills in a process and life application format. Effort is directed towards generalization of skills learned and application of DBT-strategies to daily living situations. This group maintains a focus on relapse-prevention and features a process-oriented format. This class promotes a community of well-being and connectedness along with an identity based in recovery and skillfulness.

Criteria: Criteria to be in Advanced DBT are:

  1. Must be at least 18 yrs.
  2. Must have completed standard DBT Skills Training Group
  3. Must be able to make a commitment to the entire 12 months of DBT Advanced Skills Group
  4. Must have a daily mindfulness practice.


Peer-Facilitated Skills Coaching


Peer-Facilitated Skills Coaching is intensive DBT skills coaching offered in a very small group, or one on one, led by peer-mentors who have completed six months of DBT, participate in Advanced DBT and who exhibit strong leadership skills. Coaches are non-therapists and must be at least 18 years old. A licensed therapist oversees these coaches and accountability is maintained through frequent supervision and training in DBT leadership skills. This service is offered for free to members of the Compass community. Clinical Staff are present to oversee skills coaching and may provide skills coaching directly on a case by case basis.

The purpose of the Peer- Facilitated Skills Coaching individual DBT Skills Coaching is:  

For the Coaches:  to provide advanced skills training, behavioral rehearsing, over-learning through teaching and the development of mastery; to build a sense of purpose, practice contributing, and to create meaning out of suffering.

For the Mentee:  the purpose is to increase behavioral rehearsing of skills at no-cost to families, to positively reinforce the use of skills through a relational context, to provide a positive role-model of skillful living and hope for the possibility of decreasing pain and suffering.

For both coaches and mentees: to build community through relationships and mentoring

Criteria: Clinical criteria to be a Skills Coach (such as amount of recovery time without relapses, stability of behaviors and mood, etc.) are determined on a case by case basis by the DBT Consultation Team and a multitude of complex clinical factors are a part of this decision.

  1. Must be at least 18 yrs.
  2. Must have completed DBT skills training.
  3. Must be in active individual therapy at Compass.
  4. Must be determined by the primary therapist that being in the Advanced DBT Group & its optional contribution piece of peer-facilitated-individual DBT Skills Coaching is a necessary part of their treatment plan.
  5. Must be able to make a commitment to the entire 12 months of DBT Advanced Skills Group.
  6. Understand the importance of confidentiality and have the ability to maintain confidentiality.
  7. Must have a basic knowledge of DBT skills with the commitment to advanced training and learning as a part of the Skills Coaches Training orientation process.
  8. Must have a daily mindfulness practice.