For Teens


Compass is a community for you. We are a warm and accepting group of therapists who have come together to help you build the life you've always wanted. Our community is open, helpful and supportive. Teens and young adults who come to Compass tell us they experience new and innovative ways to manage their lives including:

  • Learning how to understand and manage overwhelming emotions
  • Learning how to deal with difficult people in your life -- yes, including your parents!
  • Learning more effective ways to deal with life's stressors like the demands of school and the complexities of relationships
  • How to figure out your next steps in life whether it be going to college, choosing friends or getting a job

Our Compass team will work together with you to build a life worth living. In fact, many teens tell us that working with their therapist and meeting in their skills groups have been life-changing. Listen to their words:

"Compass has been like a home away from home and the people here have become like family."

"I felt understood the minute I walked in the door."

"Coming here is like gaining a family."

"Compass changed my life."

"Compass is a great place to learn about yourself and the people you care about."

"Compass has changed my life tremendously, giving me tools that I put to use every day. I've already come such a long way, and the journey has just begun."

"This beautiful community of people who care about you and grow alongside you has been a powerful and positive impact on my life. It's a family that I am proud to be a part of and love to see grow."

The Whole Picture

You are not the only one who might experience a transformation if you come to Compass. Your family may as well. Compass offers multiple ways families can become involved with the process of healing. For instance, Our Family Connections classes will guide your parents in how they can better relate to you as a young adult. And our Multi-family group gives parents and teens the chance to learn and practice new skills for living with one another right alongside other families.

And believe it or not . . .

After a few weeks most teens tell us they are really glad their parents are in our classes because the parents learn new skills as well, which makes it easier for the teens to get along with them. Parents tell us that they came into class thinking they were just there for their child, but quickly see they have a lot to learn too.

We'd love to help you take your next steps and build a life worth living. Interested Email us at