In Kellie Severin’s role as Appeal Specialist, she submits internal and external appeals on denied and wrongly paid claims advocating for accurate insurance reimbursement. She works with the insurance companies diligently to find out the cause of denied and wrongly paid claims to correct any issues going forward. She works closely with the Director of Operations and all billing staff to ensure families can utilize their insurance to the maximum benefit level to cover the costs of their care.

Kellie’s background is in public education, where she has worked various positions helping contribute to the care and education of children grades Pre-K to 12th grade. In 2017 she made a switch over to medical billing and gained experience through a Dermatopathology Lab. She joined Compass in January of 2019.

Kellie’s education and background include:

  • Andon College, Modesto Jr. College, and Clark Community College
  • Certificate’s in: Medication Administration, AIDS Education Course Completion, UC Davis Online Pet Nutrition, Beyond Diversity Training, & Highly Qualified Para Assessment.
  • Community Service: 2014-2016 Kellie founded a community-based food assistance program of over 4,000 to help serve families in need of food assistance.