My name is Madonna and I go by many names: Madge, Madogs, Madoods, Madge Padge, Madonners and many more! I am a Maltese-Terrier Mix with an unknown age! I provide comfort and self-soothe to those in need since February 2018. I also help Clients to practice Mindfulness skills; sometimes I’m in the mood to play and sometimes I need rest, too! My favorite hobbies include playing with toys, following my mom around the clinic (she calls me her shadow!), watching other people eat yummy human food that I’m not allowed to have, and having my ears rubbed. It makes me happy when people let me smell their hand first so that I can get to know their scent and warm up to them. I have mastered sitting, handshakes, laying down and rolling over. I’m currently building mastery on jumping through hoops (for treats of course!) I can’t wait to play with you!