Borderline Personality Traits

borderline-personality-traits-inner1borderline-personality-traits-inner2Individuals with Borderline Personality traits suffer intense emotional responses to events. They may feel “dysregulated” for long periods of time and report difficulty in controlling their own emotional states, with periods of anger, anxiety, fear, guilt/shame, and sadness possibly lasting far longer than expected by others. Individuals with Borderline Personality traits are at an increased risk of experiencing suicidal attempts and thoughts. Additionally, self-harm is often present, including cutting the skin, burning, and other acts which serve to intentionally damage their bodies. A persistent fear of being abandoned and significant relationship instability is also often present. This can result in individuals become “attached” to one person and feeling devastated when this relationship is not reciprocated in the same manner. Other symptoms include a history of impulsive and high-risk behaviors (including drug use and sex), high levels of impulsivity, and displays of aggression.