Eating Disorders

Teen Eating Disorders Orange CountyEating disorders present significant challenges to everyday life. Anorexia Nervosa (“a lack of appetite”), is a condition in which an individual restricts their eating and displays an inability to maintain a healthy body weight. Fears of gaining weight are often present, often to the point of obsession. Additionally, such individuals often report not feeling concerned with the health risks related to the state of their bodies and do not communicate a recognition of the seriousness of their body weight. Bulimia Nervosa (“to overeat”) is a condition where an individual displays marked overeating (binge eating) to the point of feeling physically ill. Food eaten is removed from the body by vomiting/purging and/or use of laxatives. This cycle of binging and purging creates an intense need for the individual to regulate what they eat and may contribute to life-threatening physical conditions.